The sad man on the tube.

So there was a man

on the opposite seat

he was big and broad

with huge hands all cracked and dry

like he had a job 

where he puts his hands

in actual cement

for longer than you are meant to

He was holding a can of lager

it was 2pm

On a Saturday

He was dusty

and crying


Painful crying

but trying really hard not to

I wanted to help

just touch him on the knee

to say non verbally

I don’t know, something

But I didn’t

and instead i caught his eye

and winked

not like a little one

where you are saying

‘its ok dude, you’ll be grand’

but the type of wink

where you turn your head

to the side

with a saucy flick

and all too prominent

I used the wrong wink

from the wink bank

This is all true

I am not saying this because of the last term that I just used.


he looked away

and carried on being lonely

and sad

and I 

went to the nearest mirror

to reenact the wink

it was a shit wink

and no one was was helped




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Been away

Jo Below, She has been away

by the river and the boats

Sometimes making all the non english speakers dance

She has been hiding in a lift in the dark

She has been like a colourful ribbon on a maypole

She has stood in front of 10,000 people, singing.

She has changed her bold tyre with a good one

She is today, about to have a root canal.

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This is the latest time

I have been away

Now I am by the river

Next to the water

The swans are always near

There are so many of them

I fell off my bike

In the middle of the night

They came over to me

They sat and watched

I got up from the floor

I had hurt my knee

But I said I was ok

They sat and watched 

Until I got back on 

And then I cycled away

That night I thought they were magic

That they came to see me

To share the air 

With me

And made sure I was alright

Then I found out

They are carrion birds

If I was dead

They would have feasted on me

They came to see if I was dead


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Saturday, this one.

This is where

You will find me

On Saturday night

This Saturday the 13th night


You can eat a sandwaich and watch

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I went away

to America

They could not believe their ears

as I sang them my songs

you know the ones

that I mean

they laughed behind their hands

so much

it made me confused

then I noticed

all the rude things

coming into the air

from me

that is why

they went red faced


Happy making

for all

in the end.

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It has been a while, like a mile.

A generous amount of time has passed

since we last spoke


I realise that this bog

does not tell anyone what I am

I am fine with that

I have a face

and some songs to sing

from my mouth

my innocent


Thank you.

If you want to get to me

you can do this

send me a mail

to here


Then I could send you a video.

Especially if I met you here

shhhh >magic circle< Last night.

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Dead Belgian and Jo Below

This is happening

In stoke Newington

The band are before me

They make a sexy tunes

(Rumpy loin stirring music)

By Jaques Brel

Then I am on

Jo Below

At Ryans Bar

Stoke Newington

Sunday 24th June



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